Imagine getting Uber clear on what it is going to take to be the Leader Diva you want to be. Imagine unlocking the Potential inside of You and Your Team.

Imagine being an Inspiration to others, feeling Fired Up, On Purpose, Aligned and Empowered.


The programme includes:

  • 8 part coaching programme
  • Work 1-1 with Nicola
  • Everything DiSC Work of Leaders assessment
  • Understand what you need to Unleash Your Fire
  • Gain increased confidence in your skills & abilities
  • Come away with a clear plan of action to develop any weaknesses
  • Re-ignite your drive and passion
  • Access to private facebook group
  • Regular email support through programme

 Nicola is incredibly insightful, an amazing mentor and has given me some really useful tips and skills… I now have tools to keep me focussed and on track, thank you. CB


 Never forget your real identity. You are a luminous cosmic stardust being forged into the crucible of cosmic fire.

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