I wanted to have a clear idea of exactly what I would be good at. Working with Nicola helped me look at what qualities I have and although there was a lot of hard thinking on my part, it was well worth it. Thankyou very much, I now have a plan of action to follow to start me in my new career. I would give the course a 5/5! – JS

I am really glad I had the opportunity to take Define Your Dream Career over a number of weeks as it really helped me to think things through. By the end of the course I realised I had more to offer employers than I had previously thought, so I built more confidence in my own abilities and now feel more empowered to follow my dream career. Thanks. – AH

 When I started having coaching I was feeling slightly despondent with work, not happy, but not knowing what it was that was making me unhappy and de-motivated. Nicola managed to help me work my way back to the core of the issues that I was having and work through them. From there I was able to come up with solutions myself that I could implement in work to make the situation better.

I was able face the issues at work in a more positive way, and my workplace became a much better place to be. I am very glad that I spent the time being coached. I am clearer now about my goals and aspirations, and am able to focus on achieving them at work. – LT

I have been on a number of personal development courses and found Nicola and the course to be one of the most engaging and enjoyable. – HS

I felt the course was led by a leader, great presentation. – CG

Nicola was extremely engaging and  thought provoking. – CE

Define Your Dream Career exceeded my expectations in that I thought it would just give me a push to get moving again, but it totally changed my direction, which I wasn’t expecting. Fantastic, thank you. – LS

Nicola is very clear and professional, approachable and not at all judgemental. – RW

This is a well thought out course which helps to clear what can be a confusing problem. Sometimes problems become clearer when you have help to work them through, and this course definitely makes the problems of career choice a lot clearer. – DD

I hired Nicola as my career coach to help me feel energised and redefine the next stage of my career. I would recommend Nicola to any woman who is at a crossroads, needs help, and a ‘kick up the backside’ to be clearer on what it is you really do want to do. This is your time! – S

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